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participating companies: Capita, EMAP, Euromoney, Incisive Media, IQPC, Reed Exhibitions, Terrapinn, The Economist, Thomson Reuters

Academy outline

Day one: setting the scene

Trainer: Pauline Coulter

9.30: Introduction to programme and each other

10.00: Guest Speaker:
What is a B2B conference and why do people go to them?

10.40: Coffee

11.00: What makes a good conference topic

11.45: The conference market place, types of conferences and alternative financial models

12.30: Lunch

1.30: Who works in conferences and what do they do and what are their opportunities (including salary expectations)

2.30: Project briefing

3.30: Coffee

4.00: Project scoping

5.30: End of day one

Day two: conference production and content generation

Trainer: Pauline Coulter

9.30: Research, first stage, second stage

11.00: Coffee

11.20: Telephone research

11.50: Delegate analysis

12.30: Lunch

1.30: Guest Speaker: Programme development

3.00: Coffee

3.30: Speaker acquisition

4.45: End of day two

Day three: conference marketing

Trainer: Louisa Valvano

9.30: What is in a marketing plan?

10.00: Website marketing

10.45: Coffee

11.00: Content marketing

11.10: Guest Speaker: Programme development

12.40: Lunch

2.00: Conference telesales

2.50: Guest Speaker: Strategies to turn struggling events around

3.20: Coffee

3.40: Social media for conferences

4.25: KPI, ROI and maths

5.30: End of day three

Day four: project presentations

Trainer: Louisa Valvano

9.30: Project development and completion by teams

10.45: Coffee

11.00: Project development and completion by teams

1.00: Lunch

2.00: Project rehearsals

3.30: Project presentations to judges

5.15: Close, certificates and graduation

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Graduate testimonials:

"A great week with an in-depth insight into all roles involved in the conference production process. The week culminating in the presentations to industry professionals really gives all the training a great purpose. This week proved highly valuable in interview and without the Graduate Conference Academy, i would not be in a conference production role at SMi today."
Christopher Lycett, Graduate Conference Academy July 2014 — secured a job with SMi July 2014


"I took part in the Graduate Conference Academy to pursue my interest in conference production. I learnt a lot during the weeks' training and gained a better insight into conferences in general, as well as receiving training to help me equip myself better for interviews afterwards. I would highly recommend the Graduate Conference Academy to anyone looking to go into conferences as it is not only informative but also extremely useful in subsequently securing a job. With the help of the Academy, I look forward to starting my role as conference producer at RBI." Catherine Howe, Graduate Conference Academy July 2014 - secured a job with RBI July 2014


"The Graduate Conference Academy helped in that I was fully knowledgeable of copywriting and conferences such as marketing channels, media partnerships and Feature-Advantage-Benefit theories of copywriting. Whilst it doesn’t guarantee a job afterwards, it goes a long way in helping as those attending the academy gain vital skills which will help when it comes to interview." Edore Evuarherhe, Graduate Conference Academy July 2014 — secured a job with Terrapinn July 2014


"Thank you so so much for all your efforts in making this week a fantastic success! It has been invaluable to me and I cannot thank you enough.
Louisa and Helen were brilliant and I know I can speak on behalf of all the graduates that whilst learning so much we have all had fun in the process."


"Really informative, fun and rewarding.

The project was a fantastic opportunity to apply the information we had learnt during the course…. I have learnt so much during my time at the Graduate Conference Academy. The skills learnt are invaluable and I know they will be useful for many years. The skills learnt are also very transferrable."

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