Best Cars for Young Drivers

Many parents are surprised when choosing a car for teenage drivers. Getting a car is a responsible move, especially if you buy it for your child. Car ownership is not only freedom, most teenagers have a dream; It is also a big responsibility, that can teach your child a lot according to car rental services. For example, teenagers who pay the cost of running a car, are usually more careful and interested in driving.

Today, more than ever, it is not a good-looking car brand or top speed, which inspires buyers to pay hard money; These are proven figures that make it difficult to sell. Which car do you choose for your teen driver? Here are six cars that may suit young and inexperienced drivers. They are reasonably valuable, trustworthy and easy to drive.

Chevrolet Spark

If the security number is a concern then Chevrolet Spark is the right choice. This compact car is one of the safest areas on the market. Chevrolet Spark is equipped with 10 airbags. This car is compact, fuel-efficient and easy to drive. The market value is about 13 thousand dollars. Basic configurations include air conditioning and electric windows. Chevrolet Spark can be the perfect first car for your teenage driver.

Ford Fiesta

This car will meet both parents and teens. Young people are passionate about their sleek design, while parents are usually satisfied with the security tools that come with this device. The list of standard safety features is also available to the most demanding parents, including an airbag for the knee in the car. Regardless of the size, Ford Fiesta has a strong performance and has shown good results during crash tests.

Honda Civic

This reliable iron horse is made for a long time. Your teen driver will serve through high school and university years. Honda Civic has the highest score in all accidental trials, so parents can breathe – non-business drivers are reliably safe. There is an elegant and athletic form in the Civic side, which is appreciated by young drivers.

Hyundai Veloster

This is the right option for anyone looking for stylish, fuel-efficient cars at affordable prices. The elegant interior is supplemented by a 1.6-liter engine. The starting price is approximately $ 19,000 – fair prices for such cars.

Kia Soul

The highlight of this car is its unusual design. However, they are worth your attention not only because of the attractive design. It is very compact, makes parking easy and has a decent crash test score. Low starting cost (less than $ 16,000) makes Kia Soul a budget-friendly vehicle.

The sporty Opel Corsa

Opel Cars and Opel Corses are the best brands for boys. Sports FEATURES, but Opel is not competitive in sophisticated value from Corse Group. Club facilities or sports models and upgrades to basic security features are included. For more safety, Opel Astra Range is the best place there. This includes at least 4 airbags, ABS brakes, central locking and power windows, both drivers and passengers are adequately protected.

When choosing the mechanism for your child, do not care about car prices and safety features. Do not forget to think about what he likes and dislikes to the future driver. Your child should actively participate in the selection and procurement process.