Five Best 4WD cars to use for your vacation

A get away vacation probably in a mountainous,rocky,rural location can be fun filled and stress free if you rent a 4WD SUV car or truck. Below, I have compiled a list of the best SUV cars for an exquisitely thrilling and an adventurous camping excursion.

1. 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Looking for a perfect vehicle to convey you and your friends for a weekend camping excursion? 2016 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited may just be the exact vehicle you are looking for. A spacious trunk, enough seating space for upto five people and a flexible removable roof are just but a few unique features of this beast of the road. It has strong and durable tyres which enables it to locomote over rocky grounds and potholes to convey you to the exact place you desire.

All these features, makes it an unforgettable choice whenever you need to rent a 4WD vehicle.

2. Ford F150

Whenever you are planning for a getaway vacation, you need a strong and powerful vehicle to back up your plans. Strong tyres, a well built body and a smooth engine in Ford F150 may just make it the right vehicle.

Coupled with all those features Ford F150 has a huge trunk to carry all your camping essentials making it a realistic commuter vehicle ideal to transport you and your friends to any place of your choice.

3. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Do you need to tow a heavy essential while on a camping vacation? Do you want a vehicle with a stylish look and not an old fashioned pick – up? Jeep Grand Cherokee doubles up for those tasks.

It is a strong vehicle with the ability to tow up to 7400 pounds of weight behind it. Besides jeep grand Cherokee has a modest beautiful look that makes it a favorite of many.

Inside there’s enough room for not less than five people. This makes it the ideal car to think of whenever you want to rent a 4WD SUV car.

4.2017 Nissan Xterra Pro 4x

Whenever you need to rent a 4WD SUV car of the Nissan brand to use for a camping exercursion, 2017 Nissan Xterra Pro-4x is the latest most ideal car for you. It has a special feature that makes it ready for any city or rural environment. Additionally it has a high roof that provides space headroom and a big trunk to help bring with you whatever necessities you may need during your vacation.

5. Chevy Silverado LTZ

Chevy Silvardo LTZ is a 4WD beast, huge with a very good gas mileage. Due to it’s huge body it can tow up to 12000 pounds of weight behind it. Inside it has a beautiful look with leather seats and power outlets. It’s powerfullness and extreme comfort make. Sure nothing goes wrong during your trip. As if that is not enough, it’s wide trunk makes sure it is your choice whenever you’d want to rent a 4WD vehicle for a field excursion.

To sum up the above mentioned cars are the best of 4WD cars that are up-to-date easy to use and very reliable to take you and your friends wherever you may wish with limited or rather no stress. Now what are you waiting for? Rent a 4WD SUV car and let the vacation get started and don’t forget to thank me later